Our Team


Brett Bauereis — Founder

I am the Founder and the Owner of WJO Distribution. It is hard to stay aware of the latest business news that’s why I founded WJO Distribution to make it easy for everyone.

Phone: (+1) 859-252-5329
Email: [email protected]

Danny Jones — Editor

I am the Editor working for WJO Distribution. I love to learn new things in the business world and share it with our readers.

Phone: (+1) 859-257-3051
Email: [email protected]

Rickey Oriol — Reporter

I am working as the Reporter at WJO Distribution. I love to take interviews and learning about the ways and tricks of entrepreneurs and share it with our readers.

Phone: (+1) 859-251-5239
Email: [email protected]

Rodney Gaines — Researcher

I am the Researcher for WJO Distribution. I try to find the latest money management tips, tricks or any way to save more and invest better.

Phone: (+1) 859-253-6925
Email: [email protected]

Vanessa Vickers — Writer

I am working as the Writer at WJO Distribution. I love to write about everything new going on in our world and share it before anyone else.

Phone: (+1) 859-252-5290
Email: [email protected]

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